Energy Audit

Energy Management & Audit

Our approach to Energy Management consists of a simple 3-step plan: Measure, Detect, and Control. The Measure enables collection of data from the client's energy circuit. This data is analyzed and mined to arrive at the Detect phase. In the Control step, action is taken to control the energy cost by taking necessary steps.

Why Energy Audit is Required ?

Reduce Energy costs, Improve Power Quality, Environmental awareness and Optimize Processes. While in most cases energy cost is the major contributing factor of the total cost of operations, energy is also often the most controllable element - if done right. Polyphase helps clients take control of their power usage and increase productivity. Our energy Management system helps clients identify, analyze and ultimately control their power usage by offering streamlined solutions that are high on efficiencies and low on pay back periods.

What you can expect from our Energy Audit services:

Identification of highest achievable potential of energy and costs savings.
Locating often visible as well as hidden technical deficiencies of buildings and production technology equipment.
Recommendation of technical parameters of measures.
Calculation of investment needs of measures, their economical, technical, environmental impact.
Proposing procedure for realization of measures.
Offering a technical, economical management tool for investment decision processes going out of economical modeling.
Creation of a process of effective control of energy consumption and also operational cost.