Our Services

Fire, Life Safety and Emergency services

Initiate a blueprint for effective surveillance, safety & security of Client... Premises in conjunction with the Fire and Life Safety Manager
Chalk out emergency technical team with complete understanding of the systems which required during emergencies and BCP’s.
Implement an effective Fire Safety Plan in conjunction with the Engineering Services Team and the Fire & Life Safety Manager
Educate the Technical Team and assist the Fire & Life Safety Manager.... on Fire Safety drills and basic First Aid Procedures.
Carry out electrical Safety Audit Surveys once a year through reputed Safety Auditors.

As part of the service, Polyphase also conducts training in all relevant areas of safety based on the client’s business interest and location and conducts training exercises such as fire-fighting, Electrical safety, Hazard identification and risk analysis and emergency drills in consultation with the client’s security set-up and Facility Manager.

Polyphase will also assist Client with preparation, training, verification and implementation of its Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Management Plan and other programs that the group may introduce or have in place.