Our Services

Our Scope includes

Submission of EB application form for Load Sanction
Optimum and Economical Design and Engineering of electric system requirements, preparation of necessary drawings, submission, and getting approval from the Electrical Inspectorate
Supply & Installation of
  • HT Equipments/Panels/RMU's and Metering Chamber
  • HT Structures and Substations
  • HT Structures and Substations
  • All Kinds of Panel boards
  • All Pump house Requirements
  • Power & Control Cables
  • Wiring Materials
  • Light Fittings
  • Earthings and Specialized Earthing.
Organizing periodical Electrical Inspection
Carrying out Electrical Safety and Statutory Audits.
Complete Erection, Installation, Pre Commissioning checks, Testing & Commissioning.
Energy Management
Electrical Power Quality & Energy Audit.
Renovation & modernization of Plants
Study of Electrical equipments and System

Instrumentation and Automation

PPE involved in Instrumentation and Automation works of Engineering Industries, Data centers, Building Management systems, Auto Changeovers, BCPM's and Energy Management systems.

Instrumentation works such as Level Sensors, Limit Switches, Flow Meters, Damper Valves/Solenoid Valves, and Analog Modules for Temperature Wight etc. PLC Programming, Development of SCADA, Commissioning of PLC etc.